USAIRE is a network of American and European companies striving for intensifying the international cooperation and strengthening the links between the private and public stakeholders of civil and defense aerospace industry.


Since 1959, the USAIRE Association aims at fostering international understanding and cooperation in the transatlantic aerospace and high-technology communities. Our current membership consists of over 130 American and European business representatives of American and European companies.


Each year, USAIRE invites top level executives to meet with our members during a series of friendly professional luncheons. It's an ideal opportunity for our Guest Speakers and the USAIRE members to meet in a congenial, business-like atmosphere. Professionally, it also provides the Guest Speaker with an opportunity to present his Company and his views on a subject of his choice. Subjects usually relate to the Aerospace field and related issues, but may extend to issues of national or international economic / business interest. Over the past months, we heard for instance the following guest speakers :

  • Stéphane ISRAËL (Arianespace)
  • Olivier ANDRIES, (Safran Aircraft Engines)
  • Alexandre de JUNIAC (IATA)
  • Grégoire de SAINT QUENTIN (Forces Spéciales)
  • Klaus RICHTER (Airbus Group/Procurement)
  • Guillaume FAURY (Airbus)
  • Franz YVELIN (La Companie)
  • Christian SCHERER (Airbus Group/International)
  • Philip SCRUGGS (AerCap)
  • Tom ENDERS (Airbus Group)

USAIRE also host a traditional Thanksgiving Dinner during which an Industry VIP hands the USAIRE Student Award over. 300 top executives, members of government, diplomats, parliamentarians, senior military officers and presidents of airlines are attending this cocktail and gala dinner. The last issue of this dinner took place on the 24th November, in the presence of Patrice CAINE, CEO of Thales.


The USAIRE Student Awards 2018’s laureates will join us on the next Thanksgiving dinner, on the 23rd November 2018.  

Some member companies of the USAIRE association


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