The topic

The method & schedule


A 2-step Competition:


You will be pre-selected on the basis of a written ONE-PAGER

summarizing the main elements of a FINAL 10-PAGE PAPER


  • MAY 12th 2019: The pre-selection ONE-PAGER is sent to USAIRE
  • Beginning of JUNE 2019: Preselected students are notified
  • Pre-USAIRE Student Awards, 21st June 2019: Integration event for the 2018 finalists
  • SEPTEMBER 8th 2019: deadline to send the final document (10 pages max.)
  • NOVEMBER 29th 2019: Award ceremony – USAIRE Thanksgiving dinner



 The papers can be issued in English or in French






 Please send your pre-selection paper by email based on the template hereafter, no later than May 12th 2019 to : tél. : 01 47 22 14 40


Pre-selection template:

Document Microsoft Word 48.9 KB

Who can participate?

The Award is open to any students (higher education) in Europe: Bachelor, Masters, MBA, PhD, non-european exchange student, etc.


  • You can participate alone, or work in pairs.
  • Teams can be made of students from the same institution, or from institutions miles apart, even in different countries.
  • To find a team-mate, you can contact USAIRE ( before the May 1st 2019.
  • You can give several tries in a row to the USAIRE Student Award


Call for paper

Call for paper 2019
USAIRE Student Awards 19 - EN.pdf
Document Adobe Acrobat 497.0 KB

Some great yet useful prices


Price exemples:

  • Internships and HR Trainings: voucher for two internships with Airbus Group, Training with Michael Page…
  • Airline tickets: Singapore Airlines, Transavia France, Qatar Airways…
  • Companies Discovery: Rolls-Royce, Marshall Aerospace…
  • Participation in a humanitarian mission around the world (ASF)
  • Electronic devices (Panasonic Avionics), a annual subscription to Air & Cosmos..

It is also an opportunity for students to:

  • Develop a systemic view of the world of aviation, through strategic topics
  • Acquire and develop essential skills for your career: join ORAJe - The organization of aerospace meetings with European youth, which aims at intensifying and sustaining the relationship between industry and youth.

Our partners 2018


Our partners are the support and bedrock for the USAIRE Student Award.  Without them, we would have no participant engagement nor any sources of support and advice to make this campaign successful.  We are proud to display our partner companies and industrials below.